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The Quest to find music that you like, or should I say, I like it has been a frustrating and uneventful task. Many of you who are reading this will agree with me. Let me define music the way you want it.

Music that energizes you and allows you to see the better side of situations or things (The light at the end). This music can change your moods, from bad to good or vice versa. It may even make an impossible task seem manageable. Music can be deeply emotional, music is compassionate, and music compliments our lives.

You may have ever noticed that your foot or hand was tapping to an unfamiliar beat or melody, and then realized you were tapping the same way. When we hear music we like, but have never heard before, we wonder what it is called and if the artist/artist or album is.

It can be difficult depending on how the New Song Music was delivered to your ears. It could have been the radio, internet, or airwaves. There are many ways to find new music or just good music. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s probably new to you. You will love it as much as a brand new car.

Let’s talk about this and remove the dumb luck. How often do you stumble upon great music while on your daily commutes? Most people don’t have the time to spend in clubs or happy hours every day, unless they live in college dorms. Some people have the privilege of working in the entertainment industry or have great jobs that allow them to have a lot of time.

The rest of us are limited in time and have a lot of responsibility. Finding new music might require some planning and preparation. This is a quick and easy way to find new song music frequently.

Most of the New music that you hear on main stream radio stations is not appealing, as you know. These same songs are often played over and over again. You lose interest if you hear the same song over and over again by the same artist. With all the repeat business, I wonder how new artists are introduced. This is what I call the radio loop.

Here are some ways to get good new song music. Music Portal Sites, Music Portal Sites, Music Blogs and Social Music Sites can help you find similar artists based on your favorite songs.

Music Blogs…

These blogs are also known as MP3 blogs and allow you to download new music. After downloading the track, you can listen to it and leave your opinion. The best thing about this medium though is the fact that you get safe music downloads completely free. The artists featured are often unknown, less well-known, or underrated.

A blog post, which gives background information and bio information about each artist, will be included with the music file. You will usually be able to see how others rate it depending on its age. This can give you an indication of whether it is worth your time.

Music promotion companies and record labels provide the mp3 files. This is why they are legal and can be distributed freely. It is a great way for you to discover real musical treasures.

Onetrack Mind and The Hip Hop Machine are two of my favorite Music Blogs. You can check them both out. Your opinion is highly encouraged. This is how these sites can provide you with new music every day. It takes only seconds to rate and vote for songs that you like, as well as those you don’t. Here’s a chance to help others in an effort to give back.

Social Music Sites…

These Musical Communities give power to listeners. The Incumbent Independent artist/artist submits their musical works to these communities for review. In some cases, the listeners become music fans and recommend their favorite music to other members of the community. This type of social network is great because you can quickly see what music other listeners like. This will allow you to build your musical Internet jukebox.

My favourite Social Music sites are the Sixty One and Our Stage.

Music Portal Sites…

These Sites are primarily focused on promoting unsigned artists and giving their music a platform to be heard. You should pay attention to the new music you find here. Listeners are encouraged to invest in artists they like. Artists will be able record their album professionally once they have reached their budget goal. Artists have the power to negotiate their own deals with record companies in the way that they choose. There are no restrictions on marketing and recording advances. This allows artists/artists to keep creative control and maintain musical message with direction. You are free from the constraints of main stream Record Labels. You get to hear new songs before they are made mainstream and before they reach the top of the charts.

Please visit Africa Unsigned and Sella Band for great resources.

There are literally hundreds of ways to find new songs…

There are many ways to find new music. I’ve only listed a few. Please take initiative to discover new music and share it with others as often and as often you can.


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