How to play soccer – Dribbling with a Vaoroi TV Truc Tiep Bong Da ball

It is thrilling to watch a player attack defenders, dribble, or perform a series stops and starts. This is what makes Vaoroi TV Truc Tiep Bong Da so exciting.

Dribbling is basically running with the ball. However, there are some fundamental facts you should know.


When dribbling, the best technique is to use your outside foot wherever possible. You can run more efficiently and quicker if you do this. If you need to change your direction or feint, you’ll use your instep (the top part of your foot) but running and dribbling with your outside foot is the best way to go.


Keep the ball as close as you can to prevent the opposition from grabbing it. How close are you? It all depends on the speed of your opponent and where they are located. If the area is congested with many defenders, you’ll need to keep your ball within touching distance. This is usually about one foot away. If you need to move quickly and there is plenty of space, you can keep the ball within 5 yards while running faster. Sometimes you’re not actually dribbling, but running with it. There will also be times when it’s advantageous to “knock” the ball past defenders and chase it. This is especially true if there is lots of space behind the defender. What are the benefits? You can shoot if your knock and run is faster than the defender. You have an advantage if the defender is first. He is facing the wrong direction so you can put pressure on him.


It is better to keep your knees bent a little when dribbling, especially when you need close control. This will make it easier for you to fool your opponents and change your direction. Lowering your feet to the ground will allow you to move more easily with your legs and be more flexible.

What should you do?

If you’re alone, you can only dribble around stationary objects such as cones. But, try to make it fun and add enough pressure to yourself. It’s not enough to just go through the motions.

You can play 1v1 if you have two players. There are two goals, each 20 yards apart. Both of you should face the goals with your backs towards each other. Then, one player will toss the ball over their heads into the area while the other player says “GO!” Two goals will encourage turning and fake, which is a valuable skill in dribbling.

The dribbling square can be a great drill for training a team.

You will need to mark a 20×20 yard square. There should be equal numbers of players on each side. All players must face inwards towards the other side. Each player must have a ball. The players will dribble from one side of the square to the opposite side at your command and back again. Players must look up because of the traffic and how many people are in the square. They also need to see where they can explode into to avoid collisions. This drill is far more efficient than dribbling through cones.

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